High-Voltage Capacitive Touchscreen Line Driver Elevates Performance

High-Voltage Capacitive Touchscreen Line Driver Elevates Performance

A touchscreen high-voltage line driver developed by Microchip increases signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for advanced projected-capacitive touch performance. Improved SNR increases the robustness of the system in noisy environments, allows thicker cover lenses, and reduces the number of samples and time required by the touch controller to scan large displays. 

The MTCH652 features an integrated boost converter and can interface to any touch controller via SPI to drive up to 19 transmit (Tx) channels at selectable voltages up to 18 V, thus increasing the SNR. It supports displays up to 24 inches, and can be daisy-chained. Packaging options include 28-pin QFNs, SOICs, and SSOPs.

The MTCH652’s higher SNR also delivers electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) resistance. The device, which can be a versatile companion chip to further advance multi-touch performance, is incorporated in the company’s new 3DTouchPad, the DM160225.


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