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High-Voltage IGBTs Housed In Unique Package

Housed in a discrete package with 7 mm creep and strike distances, the IXLF19N220A and IXLF19N250A IGBTs provide blocking voltages of 2,200V and 2,500V, respectively. They both have a current rating of 19 Adc at TC = 90°C, a maximum saturation voltage of 3.9V at the same current level, and a current fall time of 50 ns at TJ = 125°C. The new, electrically isolated, discrete package called the ISOPLUS i4-PAC uses a copper-bonded alumina substrate enables a 2,500 Vrms isolated mounting tab and increased thermal cycling capability. The creep and strike distance between the collector and emitter pins is 7 mm and from any pin to the mounting surface is 5.5 mm. Targeted applications for these devices include high voltage capacitor discharge circuits, laser pulsers, spark igniters, exciters, and high voltage switching power supplies. They can also replace multiple MOSFETs connected in series, thyristors and electromechanical relays. Prices for the IXLF19N220A and IXLF19N250A are $22.50 and $25, respectively with production quantities available in 12 to 16 weeks.

Company: IXYS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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