Electronic Design

High-Voltage Rectifiers Enhance PFC Apps

Residing in proprietary powerDI 5 packages, the DSR6V600P5 and DSR6U600P5 600V DiodeStar rectifiers suit power factor correction (PFC) boost diode applications. For PFC circuits operating in continuous conduction mode, the DSR6V600P5 features low reverse recovery time and reverse recovery charge while the DSR6U600P5 exhibits a low forward voltage drop and low Trr to handle circuits operating in boundary conduction mode. Both devices feature a typical softness factor of 0.7. Pricing for the DSR6V600P5 or DSR6U600P5 is $0.25 each/10,000. For further information, contact Glen Wynn at DIODES INC., Dallas, TX. (972) 385-6292 or [email protected]

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