Electronic Design

High-Voltage Supplies Suit Photomultipliers

The Series B and Series C high-voltage power supplies incorporate a dynode driver for use with side- or front-window photomultipliers like the 931A and the IP28. Series B supplies generate an output of 0 to ­1250 V dc from an input of 0 to 9 V dc, with the output voltage varying directly with the amount of input voltage applied. Series C supplies provide ­500 to ­1250 V dc from an input of 12 to 15 V dc with the output set by a programming voltage or resistance. Both series feature integral voltage divider networks of approximately 5 MΩ, no bypass capacitors, an integral socket that fits all 28-mm diameter nine-stage photomultipliers with small-shell 11-pin bases, a low dc leakage socket, and an optional built-in signal preamplifier. Prices start at $95 for Series B and $158 for Series C with delivery of stock to 14 weeks.

HiTek Power
www.hitekpower.com; (619) 258-7700

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