Highly Integrated LED Drivers Mean Cheaper GU10 Bulbs

Highly Integrated LED Drivers Mean Cheaper GU10 Bulbs

The highly integrated LYTSwitch-0 family of LED driver ICs from Power Integrations allows a non-isolated, non-dimmable GU10 LED driver circuit to be built from the new IC plus just 13 components. In this application, a single-sided printed-circuit board (PCB) is adequate, with a simple E-core or drum-core inductor, meaning the circuits can be built very cheaply. LYTSwitch-0 devices are more than 90% efficient, eliminating the need for heatsinking or potting, further reducing manufacturing costs. They also deliver constant current with better than ±5% regulation in typical applications. Power factor is greater than 0.8 at 115 VAC and 0.55 at 230 VAC, meeting Energy Star V1 draft 3 consumer lighting standards for North America and Ecodesign Directive Lot 19 part 2 for Europe.


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