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Hyperfast Recovery Diodes Tout Soft-Recovery Waveshape

Designed specifically to increase performance and power density in power factor correction (PFC) boost circuits for offline switch-mode power supplies, the 8ETH06 (rated 8A), 15ETH06 (15A), 30ETH06 (30A) and 30EPH06 (30A) hyperfast, very soft-recovery rectifiers have low forward voltage drop and reverse leakage, both critical parameters in reducing conduction and switching losses. The 600V devices are suitable for power output levels to 1.5 kW. Using an optimized platinum diffusion manufacturing process is said to ensure a gentle and spike-free reverse recovery waveshape over a wide temperature range. Additionally, the devices have a maximum junction temperature of 175°C, providing a wide, safe operating area. The PFC diodes come in TO-220, TO-262, TO-263 and TO-247 packages, and price begins at $0.55/100,000.


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