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IC Packs 192-kHz Digital Audio Interface Transceiver

Representing the third member of a three-chip set for building 192-kHz audio products, the AK4114 digital audio interface transceiver supports standard and non-PCM data streams, including AES and IEC-compatible 24-bit, 192-kHz PCM data and AC-3/MPEG streams typically used in high-end studio and professional music applications, as well as in consumer audio products, such as A/V amplifiers and audio DVDs. The transceiver chip features an integrated filter that automatically de-emphasizes PCM data, an external reference clock that allows seven types of sampling rates of up to 192 kHz to be detected, and a built-in buffer for audio CD Q-subcode. In addition, the on-chip receiver can switch between eight built-in channels to meet digital recording requirements, while the ICÕs built-in amplifier delivers direct input of unbalanced signals. Further, the transmitter port incorporates a DIT function for encoding PCM data and C bits, while a loopback mode from the receiver port facilitates efficient monitoring of signals. The AK4114 transceiver sits in a 48-pin LQFP package and is priced at $4.93 each/1,000. The other two members of the chipset include the AK4394 DAC and the AK5394 ADC. More details are available from AKM SEMICONDUCTOR INC., San Jose, CA. (888) 256-7364.


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