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ICs Bring Temperature/Voltage Management To A Host Of Applications

Computer and embedded systems with temperature- and voltage-management issues can look to a trio of intelligent ICs from Standard Microsystems Corp.

Targeting workstations, servers, and other multifan embedded applications, the ECM6W201 boasts intelligent thermal management and automatic fan control. Its piecewise linear-approximation adaptive fan control prevents systems from continually reaching critical temperatures.

The ECM6W201 also monitors six temperature zones (five remote and one internal) and up to six system voltages. Three "processor hot" pins on the IC are compatible with multiple Intel processors. High- and low-frequency pulse-width-modulated (PWM) outputs support three- and four-wire fans and four fan tachometer or locked rotor inputs.

The EMC6D103 fits desktop PCs and embedded systems that require temperature and voltage monitoring in addition to fan control. It features 20- to 30-kHz drives for lower noise and supports three- and four-wire fan standards. Four fan tachometer inputs, fan ramp rate control for acoustic noise reduction, and programmable fan control are included.

This IC can monitor up to three temperature zones and voltages of 2.5 V, 5 V, 12 V, and VCC and VCCP. It sports interrupts for out-of-limit events, five voltage ID inputs, and two system power-saving modes and complies with the SMBus 2.0 interface.

And, the EMCT03 is designed for SMBus interfaces in PCs, gaming, graphics, and embedded systems. It includes three temperature sensors (two internal and one external) in an eight-pin MSOP, whereas competitors only have two sensors. Also, it features ±1°C temperature accuracy from 40°C to 80°C, external temperature monitoring from −64°C to 191°C, external diode fault reporting, and programmable conversion rates for reduced power consumption.

In 10,000-unit lots, pricing is $2.75, $1.80, and $0.90 each, respectively.

Standard Microsystems Corp.

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