Industrial Apps Eye 60-V+ Unipolar Stepping Motor Driver

Industrial Apps Eye 60-V+ Unipolar Stepping Motor Driver

To protect motors against reverse voltage—in a single, compact package—Toshiba Electronic Europe developed the TB67S14x series of constant-current-control motor drivers that operate at 60 V and above. The drivers specifically target unipolar stepping motors used in home appliances and industrial equipment. They come in small packages, including the new QFN48, reducing mounting area by about one-third. Current-detection circuitry reduces component count, since it does away with the need for external resistance current-detection circuitry. The three devices in the family, the TB67S141, TB67S142, and TB67S149, have absolute maximum ratings of 80 V and 3 A. The TB67S141 and TB67S142 offer 2-phase, 1-2 phase, or W1-2 phase excitation modes, which corresponds to full- and half-stepping and quarter microstepping. The TB67S149 offers 2-phase, 1-2 phase, W1-2 phase, 2W1-2 phase, 4W1-2 phase, and 8W1-2 phase excitation modes, corresponding to full- and half-stepping, as well as 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 microstepping.


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