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Intelligent Power Modules Take A Hybrid Approach To Motor Control

Intelligent Power Modules Take A Hybrid Approach To Motor Control

Seven three-phase inverter hybrid intelligent power modules (IPMs), which consist of pre-driver and output-stage power devices with bootstrap diodes and undervoltage/overcurrent protection, target motor controls in white goods and industrial applications. Developed by ON Semiconductor, the IPMs operate at a switching frequency up to 20 kHz. Leveraging the company’s Insulated Metal Substrate Technology (IMST), the devices are able to deliver enhanced power efficiency with low noise. IPM power devices and gate drivers feature 600-V maximum voltage, while inverter units have a maximum operating voltage of 450 V. Specific models include the STK544UC62K-E, STK551U362A-E, STK554U362A-E, and STK554U362C-E, which have a maximum output current of 10 A; the STK551U392A-E and STK554U392A-E with a 15-A max output current; and the STK551U3A2A-E with a 20-A max output current. The STK544UC62K-E comes in a lead-free SIP-23 package; all other models are housed in lead-free SIP-29s.


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