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Intelligent Power Switches Handle 24V Auto Apps

Intelligent Power Switches Handle 24V Auto Apps

The AUIPS7121R and AUIPS7141R 65V high-side intelligent power switches integrate current sensing and comprehensive protection features to withstand harsh 24V automotive environments. Their over-current and -temperature shutdown and active-clamp circuits ensure safe operation and protection under repetitive short circuit conditions. Shared features include a current feedback of ±5% over the entire operating temperature range plus optimized on/off times to minimize noise. Additionally, the chips adhere to AEC-Q100 standards and are RoHS compliant. Available in DPAKs, prices for the AUIPS7121R and AUIPS7141R start at $1.40 and $0.90 each/100,000, respectively. For more details, call Sian Cummins at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7148.

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