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Intelligent Solar Chargers Deliver 90% Efficiency

With efficiency ratings of over 90%, the SPC series of intelligent solar-powered trickle chargers maintains charge levels in standard sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries. These controllers, which are designed to interface with industry-standard photovoltaic solar panels, can be used on electric golf carts, light-duty all-terrain vehicles, or other types of SLA battery-operated electric vehicles; remote data-gathering equipment; or recreational vehicle backup power subsystems.

Thanks to their high efficiency, the SPC charge controllers ensure a faster, more effective charging cycle. For applications calling for a single-output controller, the SPC units are designed for various battery subsystems with voltage levels of +12, +24, +36, +48, or +72 V. There are also dual-output versions at +12 and +36 V. Various solar-panel wattage values are required to match with each type of SPC input power level.

These intelligent SPCs will automatically shut off when the battery subsystem is fully charged and are designed for automatic turn-on when batteries have discharged to over 90% of full charge capacity. The single-output units are housed in an aluminum U-frame package measuring about 1.7 by 3.5 by 5 in.

Prices range from $119 for +12-V single-output versions to $359 for +72-V versions in single quantities. All are available from stock.

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