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Intusoft Adding Acme’s Ferrites To Simulation Program

APEC 2008, Austin, TX - In collaboration with Acme Magnetics USA, Intusoft is incorporating Acme’s ferrite cores into Intusoft’s Magnetics Designer simulation product. Magnetics Designer, which runs on Windows 98 through VISTA, creates many types of layer and sector/split-bobbin wound transformers and inductors. Its database contains thousands of cores, a wide variety of materials and wire, and both linear and saturable-core SPICE models. The program predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance, peak flux density, dc winding resistance, high frequency ac resistance (including proximity effects and skin effect), ac and dc copper loss, core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill, and window fill percentage.


Acme Magnetics USA

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