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IPMs Balance Cost/Performance Ratios

IPMs Balance Cost/Performance Ratios

Promising to cost efficiently simplify the design of low-power motor controls, the STGIPS10K60A, STGIPS14K60, STGIPL14K60, and the STGIPS20K60 intelligent power modules (IPMs) integrate control functions, IGBT switches, and value-added features to enable smaller, more reliable, and lower-cost control units. Each of the modules include three 600V IGBT half bridges with freewheeling diodes, proprietary control ICs, a bootstrap diode, and protection functions including temperature control and comparators to protect against over-current and short-circuit faults. The STGIPL14K60 also integrates op-amps, allowing users to eliminate external current-sensing components. The device also employs internal dead-time insertion to prevent excessive current from damaging the IGBTs as well as a smart-shutdown function, which also appears in the STGIPS14K60 and STGIPS20K60. Prices start at $5.60 each/25,000 for the STGIPS10K60A. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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