Isolated Monolithic Flyback Regulator Eschews Optoisolator, Third Winding

Isolated Monolithic Flyback Regulator Eschews Optoisolator, Third Winding

The LT8302 monolithic flyback regulator developed by Linear Technology simplifies the design of isolated dc-dc converters: It samples the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform, eliminating the need for an optoisolator or third winding for regulation. The device operates over a 2.8- to 42-V input voltage range. It incorporates a 3.6-A/65-V power switch, and delivers up to 15 W of output power. The LT8302 operates in boundary mode (a variable frequency current-mode control switching scheme), which usually results in ±5% regulation over the full line, load, and temperature range. With boundary mode, a smaller transformer can be used versus those employed in continuous conduction-mode designs. Two external resistor set the output voltage and transformer turns ratio. Other features include output short-circuit protection, 380-µA no-load quiescent current with output voltage in regulation, internal soft-start and compensation, and output-diode temperature compensation. It comes in a thermally enhanced SO-8 package. The LT8302 will find homes in various industrial, medical, datacom, military, and automotive applications.


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