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JFET Chip Integrates Back-to-Back Diodes

Suitable for use in hearing aids, mini microphones, high-/low-gain amps, and battery-powered amps, the IFND89 n-channel JFET device integrates back-to-back diodes that can provide over-voltage protection by clipping transient spikes. Overall, the device, targets applications requiring high-gain, low-noise, and low pinch-off voltages, in the realm of less than 0.9V. According to the company, JFET devices are very specialized products capable of meeting performance needs that no other integrated-circuit technology can satisfy. Available in a five-lead SC-70 package and a bumped or standard die format, price for the IFND89 is $0.61 each/25,000. INTERFET CORP., Richardson, TX. (972) 238-1287.


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