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K2 Ultracapacitor Series Adds High-Shock/Vibration-Resistant Cell

K2 Ultracapacitor Series Adds High-Shock/Vibration-Resistant Cell

The latest ultracapacitor cell from Maxwell Technologies, available through Richardson RFPD, increases the range of available specific power and stored energy in the 60-mm, cylindrical “K2” form factor. According to Maxwell, its DuraBlue Shock and Vibration technology, introduced in the new 2.85-V, 3400-F BCAP3400P285K04 cell, boosts vibration resistance by approximately 300% and shock immunity by 400% when compared with competitive devices. It features up to 18 kW/kg of specific power (typ.) and up to 4.00 Wh of stored energy (typ.). The ultracapacitor comes with threaded terminals or laser-weldable posts. Lifetime spans 10 years, or up to 1,000,000 duty cycles. Applications include automotive subsystems, wind-turbine pitch control, hybrid vehicles, rail, heavy industrial equipment, and UPS/telecom systems.



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