Wireless Systems Design

LDMOS Transistors Boost Power In Microwave Applications

M/A-COM, a unit of Tyco Electronics has two new LDMOS (Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor) transistors designed for INMARSAT applications. INMARSAT is the satellite service that serves a variety of marine, aeronautics and enterprise world wide data transmission services. Products accessing these satellites need power and these new transistors deliver. The MAPLST1617-030CF is specifically designed for INMARSAT service at 1.62 and 1.67 GHz. It can provide 30 watts (P1dB) with 14 dB gain and 50% efficiency at 1.67 GHz. The MAPL-000817-015 is designed fro commercial applications up to 1.7 GHz and provides 15 watts (P1dB), +28 dBm average power out at -39 dBc ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio). This device also gives 17 dB or gain at 960 MHz and 13 dB gain at 1.67 GHz. Both devices are designed to be used with a 28 volt supply but the MAPL-000817-015 can also operate at 12 volts with a 3 dB lower power output.


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