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LDO Voltage Regulators Boast Low Quiescent Current

The new S-818 Series of LDO voltage regulators features a low quiescent current of 100 nA typical and 500 nA maximum with the power off and 30 (A typical, 40 (A maximum during operation. Packaged in the miniature SOT-23-5 or SOT-89-5 casings, the S-818 utilizes CMOS technology. Additional features include a low drop out voltage of 170 mV typical, a high output current of 200 mA for the 3V version and 300 mA for the 5V version, and a high precision output voltage ranging from 2V to 6V. It also features a built-in power-off circuit, which ensures long battery life, and a built-in low on-resistance transistor, which provides low dropout voltage and large output current. Pricing begins at $.045 each/1,000 for the SOT-89-5 packaging. SEIKO INSTRUMENTS USA INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 934-9334.


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