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LDOs Eliminate Current Waste

Touting a total supply current 20x to 60x lower than those of bipolar regulators, TC1223 and TC1224 CMOS low-dropout regulators are designed specifically for battery operated systems, with their CMOS construction eliminating wasted ground current. The devices are pin-compatible with MIC5205 and LP2980 bipolar LDOs and feature very low dropout voltage and ultra-low noise operation. They are designed to respond to step changes in load faster than comparable devices and are stable with an output capacitor of only 1 µF. TC1223 has a maximum output current of 50 mA and TC1224, 100 mA. Both devices enter a low-power shutdown state when the shutdown input is brought low, and both are suited for battery-operated applications. The chips are available in SOT-23A-5 packages.


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