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LDOs Extend Battery Life

LDOs Extend Battery Life

Suiting battery-powered products, the 150-mA AP7312 and 300-mA AP7332 dual-output LDO regulators exhibit respective dropouts of 150 mV and 300 mV and typical quiescent current ratings of 60 µA. Enabling battery use down to 2V while providing headroom for 5V sources, input voltages span 2V to 6V. Other features include 13 fixed-output voltage combinations from 1V/1V through to 3.3V/3.3V, current-limit, short-circuit, and thermal shutdown protections, a ripple rejection of 65 dB at 1 kHz, and start-up times as fast at 60 µs. Prices for the AP7312 and AP7332 are $13.8 and $15.1 each/10,000, respectively.  DIODES INC., Dallas, TX. (972) 385-2810.

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