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LDOs Eye Low-Voltage, High-Current Apps

Low-voltage, high-current computing applications are expected to be the primary uses of a new, six-member family of CMOS low-dropout regulators (LDOs). The LP396X series of LDOs are available with output currents of 0.8A, 1.5A or 3.0A, with typical dropout voltages being only 240 mV at 0.8A, 380 mV at 1.5A, and 800 mV at 3.0A. The low-voltage, high-current LDOs include logic-controlled on/off, allowing designers to dynamically manage power. They also have either an error flag for indicating system faults or a separate sense pin for remote load sensing when the regulator output pin is not next to the load. The LDOs come in SOT223, TO263 and TO220 packages, with the 0.8A LP3961 with on/off and error flag features.


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