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LDOs’ Transition Between Input Sources Is Glitch-Free

Intended for use in PCI peripheral cards such as NICs and PCMCIA cards, the TC1266 Smart LDO is designed to provide an uninterrupted 3.3V output from a 5V main or 3.3V auxiliary supply. The new low-dropout regulator monitors the 5V input while providing a tightly regulated 3.3V output at 200 mA. Consisting of an LDO, a voltage threshold detector, external switchover logic, and gate-drive circuitry, the TC1266 functions as a conventional LDO as long as the main voltage (VIN) is above its lower threshold (3.90V typ.). Should VIN fall below the threshold, the LDO is automatically disabled and an external P-channel MOSFET is turned on, connecting the auxiliary supply input to VOUT, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted 3.3V output. The main supply is automatically selected when both main and auxiliary supplies are present, thus guaranteeing glitch-free transitions when going from one supply to the other.


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