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LED Driver Boosts System Reliability

LED Driver Boosts System Reliability

Designed to increase the reliability of high-brightness lamps in automotive, industrial, and commercial lighting systems, the ZXLD1370 multi-topology LED driver/controller operates in buck, boost, and buck-boost modes. It combines patent pending control loops and high-side current sensing to ensure accurate current control of LED strings. Sporting an extended 6V to 60V operating input voltage range and a typical 1% output current tolerance in all topologies, the driver is capable of delivering the high current levels and tight inter-lamp luminance-matching required by high brightness LED systems. LED reliability and longevity is improved by active thermal management, achieved via a dedicated external thermistor input and by fault diagnosis outputs that report status of the driver and load. Via a dedicated PWM input, the driver offers a 1,000:1 dynamic dimming range at 1 kHz and its 1-MHz switching frequency with a 100-kHz low frequency clamp translates to a smaller external inductor and simpler design of input EMI filters should they be required. The ZXLD1370 LED driver controller is priced at $1 each/1,000.00 DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.


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