Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauges Fine-Tune Accuracy

Li-Ion Battery Fuel Gauges Fine-Tune Accuracy

CMOS battery fuel-gauge ICs developed by ON Semiconductor deliver higher-accuracy power-level measurements for one-cell Li-ion batteries. The LC709201F, LC709202F, and LC709203F reduce measurement errors to below ±5% (for LC709201F and LC709202F) or below ±2.8% (LC709203F) by employing a unique correction technology to ascertain temperature and voltage.

Lower current consumption minimizes drain on battery power, which helps extend time between charging cycles. This is enhanced further on the LC709202F and LC709203F with a sub-0.2-µA power-saving sleep mode feature. In addition, the LC709203F integrates a 2-µA ECO Mode.

Key features of the LC709201F include an I2C interface and communications pin, plus further pins for battery temperature reading control, analogue voltage input for battery temperature, reset, test, and power supply.

The LC709202F and LC709203F add an alert function, which is configurable on the LC709203F, to indicate low relative state of charge (RSOC) and battery voltage and external alarm / interrupt for low-battery warning. Furthermore, the LC709203F can accommodate any emerging Li-ion battery chemistry type via a table rewriting system.

The devices don’t require a current sensing resistor, thus reducing component count.


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