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Li-Ion Battery Protection Modules Are Highly Accurate

The TBP701A (one-cell), TBP702A (two-cell) and TBP703A (three-cell) lithium-ion battery protection modules monitor the voltages and discharge current of batteries to control charging and discharging in a safe manner. Due to the volatile nature of the battery chemistry, Li-ion cells require protection to guard against overcharging, excess discharge and overcurrent conditions.Configured in small modules for battery-pack or in-system installation, the products are suited for handheld portables, including pagers, cell phones and notebook PCs. They offer extremely low current drain of 15 µA (one cell), 20 µA (two cells) and 50 µA (three cells). They also provide very highly accurate detection of overcharge voltage (±25 mV for one and two cells). A 0V battery charging function is also available.

Company: SEIKO INSTRUMENTS USA INC. - Electronic Components Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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