Linear Hall-Sensor Upgrade Improves Stability

Linear Hall-Sensor Upgrade Improves Stability

Melexis’ MLX91209CA high-speed linear Hall IC features a programmable sensitivity range from 5 to 150 mV/mT. Combining that with its thermal and lifetime stability, the device can tackle dc and ac current measurements up to 200 kHz in all current-sensing situations.
Parameters such as sensitivity and offset are stored in an internal EEPROM memory. Calibration via Melexis' PTC (Programming Through Connector) protocol modulates the supply voltage; it doesn’t require any additional pin for programming, enhancing product-flow efficiency. Thanks to a linear analog output, the sensor can be used in applications that require a fast 3-µs response time.
Custom calibration is best performed in-situ, after the sensor is fixed with respect to the current conductor and ferromagnetic core, to achieve a calibrated current sensitivity. Typical accuracy of a current sensing system based on the MLX91209 is better than ±0.5% at room temperature, or ±2% over the full temperature range (from -40 to 125°C) when applying in-circuit end-of-line calibration. The device is housed in a 4-pin SIP, RoHS-compliant, lead-free package.


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