Logic-Gate Device Integrates Up/Down Translation

Logic-Gate Device Integrates Up/Down Translation

Logic devices developed by Texas Instruments fully integrate logic-gate and up/down translation functionality from a single power supply, reducing board space by more than 50% versus discrete solutions. The SN74LV1T family, featuring a 1.8- to 5-V operating voltage range, is 5-V tolerant and supports temperatures from ‒40 to 125°C. As a result, the devices can be used in industrial and telecom applications as a logic gate, translator, or both, eliminating the need for multiple logic ICs. The family is available in nine different logic gates: NAND and AND, NOR, OR and XOR, and several buffer functions. To increase application flexibility and further boost performance, the company offers a logic portfolio that includes buffers, drivers, flip-flops, switches, I2C, and voltage translation. The devices come in 5-pin SOT-23 and SC70 packages.


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