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Low Quiescent Current And Long List Of Options Characterize New Power Managers

Expertise in analog circuit design and sub-micron analog processing have been tapped to develop a family of power management ICs that offer very low quiescent current and a wide range of optional features. The new PowerManager family is intended to help provide microprocessor-based portable and embedded systems with accurate, stable, temperature-independent power supply operation. And for portable applications requiring extensive control features, the family includes devices that offer options beyond simple power-on or low-voltage reset functions. They include reset delay functions, manual reset capabilities, and integrated watchdog timers. The AAT3520/2/4 members of the PowerManager family are guaranteed to operate down to 1.2V and have a quiescent current spec of 1 µA (typ.). Housed in SOT-23 packages, these microprocessor supervisory circuits monitor system power supply and assert a reset signal for a minimum of 150 ms after VCC has risen above a fixed threshold. Propagation delay time for reset pulses is less than 20 µs, and thresholds can be fixed at 2.2V to 4.6V. The AAT3526/7/8 power manager circuits permit a manual reset to be initialized via a de-bounced pin. They support thresholds of 1.2V to 4.6V and come in SOT143 packages. And where an additional level of protection is needed, the company has developed the watchdog timer-containing AAT3532. This 8-pin SOP holds the µP in a reset mode for a minimum of 250 ms while VCC is established to ensure correct system startup. For more details, contact Jan Nilsson at ADVANCED ANALOGIC TECHNOLOGIES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 524-9684, ext. 164.


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