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Low On-Resistance Power FETs Target Offline SMPSs

Boasting of on-resistances that are about 60% lower than existing industry standard FETs, each member of this new generation of HEXFET power MOSFETs has been tailored specifically for use in either zero-voltage switching (ZVS) or hard-switching (HS) topology converters. The FETs offer greater ruggedness and reliability, reduced power dissipation, and increased ease of drive. The new ZVS- and HS-specific MOSFETs fall into three different performance tiers: benchmark, high performance and industry standard. The range of RDS(on) and ID specs covered by each of the tiers are 0.043 ohms to 0.280 ohms and 17A to 60A, 0.13 ohms to 0.60 ohms and 10A to 36A, and 0.23 ohms to 7.0 ohms and 1.0A to 22A, respectively. Pricing for high performance MOSFETs for HS bridge ac/dc applications begins at $1.67 each/10,000.


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