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Low On-Resistance Power MOSFETs Characterized Down To 1.2 V Gate-To-Source

Power-bus voltages keep going down with each process technology shrink, and that creates a switching and control problem. In most of today's low-voltage (1.5-V) MOSFETs, on-resistance tends to increase exponentially at lower gate-to-source voltages.

Characterized for 1.2-V gate drives, Vishay's TrenchFETs offer guaranteed n-channel RDS(ON) as low as 0.041 Ω and p-channel RDS(ON) as low as 0.095 Ω. As a side benefit, on-resistance at a 1.5-V gate drive is better than in devices for which 1.5 V is the lowest VGS: as low as 0.022 (n-channel) and 0.058 (p-channel).

These power MOSFETs (and their package types) include the n-channel SiA414DJ (PowerPAK SC-70), Si8424DB (Micro Foot), and SiB414DK (PowerPAK SC-75), and the p-channel SiA417DJ (PowerPAK SC-70), Si8429DB (Micro Foot), and SiB417DK (PowerPAK SC-75). Vishay previously released one 1.2-V p-channel MOSFET, the Si1499DH, in an SC-70 package.

Samples and production quantities of all seven 1.2-V devices are available now. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $0.15 each in 100,000-piece quantities.

Vishay Intertechnology


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