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Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters Tackle Power-Supply Sequencing

The SWIFT family's unique synchronous buck dc-dc converter line addresses critical power-supply sequencing requirements. The TPS54x80 units target low-voltage, high-density point-of-load systems. They contain two internal MOSFETs that can supply up to 9 A of continuous output current over the entire operating-temperature range. They regulate to a voltage as low as 0.891 V. Wide pulse-width modulation frequency can be fixed at 350 kHz or adjustable from 280 to 700 kHz. A peak current limit protects the load. The TPS54x80 SWIFT converters, available in a 20- or 28-pin PowerPAD TSSOP, start at $3.45 each.

Texas Instruments Inc.;
(800) 336-5236

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