Low-Voltage Zener Diodes Improve Leakage Up To 40X

According to Microsemi, its new family of ultra-sharp knee Zener diodes offers four times the voltage regulation and a 40-fold improvement in typical lower leakage current versus comparable devices. The 1- to 2.4-V SZL diodes feature a test current of 250 µA and maximum surge current of 25 A. Reverse leakage current is less than 50 nA. Their ruggedized, hermetically sealed, surface-mount UB packaging withstands operating conditions such as shock and vibration. Furthermore, the diodes are screened to meet JANTXV-equivalent specifications to further ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions (RoHS-compliant versions are available as well). Electrostatic-discharge and electrical-fast-transient protection are per IEC 61000-42 and IEC 6100-4-4. Applications span from defense and aerospace to industrial and medical markets.



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