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Management Suite Zeroes In On Low Power

PowerTheater is a power-management design suite that includes accurate register-transfer and gate-level full-chip power analysis, as well as flexible power optimization. Now, it has been powerfully enhanced. Each new function has been specifically added to give front-end designers the ability to estimate power consumption at the register-transfer level (RTL). They can use static vector-independent analysis without test benches or simulation.

One such capability is Zero Simulation (Zero-Sim). As part of the NanoCool flow for low-power, low-voltage, 100-nm SoC design, it provides intelligent feedback on average power consumption early and at successive iterations. It's therefore possible to optimize power before freezing RTL code. As a result, users can see the effect of RTL modifications on power consumption, covering all possible stimulus cases.

A straightforward GUI allows the input of basic parameters to receive immediate estimates. Users are then free to make intelligent decisions that affect power consumption on the fly. Based on the level of detail provided by the user, PowerTheater can provide accurate scenarios for various design tradeoffs that impact average power consumption.

In essence, by providing easy-to-control automatic power optimization, PowerTheater grants the user flexibility in a RTL low-power design environment. The user gains not only a comprehensive view of power tradeoffs, but recommendations for power reduction as well.

The Zero-Sim power-estimation feature for RTL is currently available with PowerTheater. For pricing information, contact the company directly at [email protected]

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469 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050; (408) 961-2300, FAX: (408) 961-2323, www.sequencedesign.com.

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