Electronic Design

Match Up Voltages With Dual-Voltage Translator Buffer

The troublesome task of dealing with differing voltages can be placated with the FXLP34 single-bit, dual-voltage translator buffer. It lets designers mix and match different voltage levels. The buffer provides a low-noise buffered interface between any 1.0- to 3.6-V logic state, including 1.6, 1.8, 2.5, and 3.3 V. CMOS-based technology enables nanosecond speed propagation delays along with ultra-low power consumption. The FXLP34 utilizes two separate supply voltages to translate between logic voltages within a 0.9- to 3.6-V range. Targeted applications include cell phones, notebooks, and PDAs. The FXLP34 costs $0.20 each in lots of 1 million units.

Fairchild Semiconductor
(888) 522-5372

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