MEMS Accelerometer Combats Thermal/Mechanical Issues In Latest Portables

MEMS Accelerometer Combats Thermal/Mechanical Issues In Latest Portables

A novel mechanical structure and dedicated processing applied to the LIS2HH13 three-axis accelerometer helps usher in consistent, stable high performance to withstand thermally challenging conditions inside today’s slimmer portable applications, according to developer STMicroelectronics. The device offers a selectable full-scale range of ±2, ±4, or ±8 g. Other features include a 16-bit digital output, integrated temperature sensor, I2C and SPI interfaces, 1.71- to 3.6-V analog supply-voltage range, and two programmable interrupt generators. Stability gets a boost with a typical Zero-g level change versus temperature of ±0.25 mg/°C. Rejection versus bending with a typical offset accuracy of ±30 mg represents a 25% improvement over existing solutions, says ST. Packaging is a 2- by 2- by 1-mm LGA-12. The LIS2HH3 is board- and software-compatible with the company’s LSM303C MEMS eCompass module, allowing OEMs to economically create differentiated handset products.


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