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MicroFET MOSFETs Extend Battery Life In Portable Applications

The FDMA1024NZ and FDMA410NZ dual n-channel and single n-channel MOSFETs from Fairchild Semicondcutor extend battery life in space-constrained applications such as cellular handsets, electric toothbrushes, and shavers. Available in a thermally enhanced 2- by 2- by 0.8-mm MicroFET micro-leadframe package (MLP), these devices offer excellent power dissipation and ultra-low RDS(ON) to conserve battery life, according to the company. Additionally, Fairchild says that the FDMA410NZ offers the industry’s lowest RDS(ON) of 23 mO at 4.5 V in a slim 2- by 2-mm package. Both products provide guaranteed RDS(ON) ratings with voltage gate to source (VGS) values as low as 1.5 V, making them ideal for lithium-ion (Li-ion) or primary cell battery applications. The FDMA1024NZ costs $0.42 and the FDMA410NZ costs $0.38, both in 1000-piece quantities. Samples are available now. Delivery is 10 to 12 weeks ARO.

Fairchild Semiconductor


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