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Microprocessor Supervisor ICs Offer Low Power Consumption

Pin-for-pin compatible with similarly numbered Maxim parts, IMP690A, IMP692A, IMP802L/M and IMP805L are said to offer 70% lower power consumption and to be lower in cost than the Maxim products. The microprocessor supervisor analog ICs also add short-circuit and thermal protection.Using a 0.8-µm CMOS process, the supervisors integrate a battery backup switchover circuit and a 20 ohm power switch, a CPU/MCU watchdog function, microprocessor reset, and power-failure detection. They're specified at maximum supply current consumption of 100 mA.After detecting a power failure, the supervisor chips can automatically switch the system power source to a backup battery source, enabling critical system components to function until the main power is restored. . All come in 8-pin DIPs and SOs.

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