Mini 50-W DC-DC Maintains High Efficiency At All Input Voltages

Mini 50-W DC-DC Maintains High Efficiency At All Input Voltages

Within a 2- by 1-in. footprint, the PQA50-D 50-W dc-dc converters help minimize power consumption at various operating conditions. That’s because the devices, developed by CUI, maintain high efficiency figures across the entire input voltage range, including under light loads. Six-sided metal shielding improves electromagnetic-compatibility performance and boosts efficiency to 93%. The single-output, isolated modules feature a 2:1 input range. They’re available with an 18- to 36-V dc or 36- to 75-V dc input voltage range, and 3.3, 5, 12, 15, or 24-V dc output voltages. Along with 1500-V dc input-to-output isolation, there’s protection for output overvoltage, short circuit, overload, and input undervoltage. Precision voltage regulation includes load regulation of ±1% max from 10% to 100% load, and line regulation of ±0.5 max. Operating temperature ranges from −40 to 85°C. Applications include telecommunications, industrial equipment, and IT.


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