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More On APC's Data-Center Developments

Fuel Cells For The Data Center
APC showed off its new Integrated Fuel Cells, which integrate into modular rack InfraStruXure data center system (Fig. 1). Between one and three of the 10-kW modules, which incorporate polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, can be stacked into the rack and located next to the IT equipment. Hydrogen tanks are stored outside the building. A water drain needs to be installed to accommodate the approximately one gallon per hour of water generated during the power-generation process. The system offers a $2500/kW power-generation cost, and it opens a new option for power generation in locations that may have emissions regulations that would restrict the traditional diesel-powered backup generator.

Data Center On Wheels
I also had a chance to tour the InfraStruXure Express (Fig. 2), a complete data center in a truck trailer! The pre-engineered system includes a network operations center with comfortable seating and work areas as well as a diesel power generator offering double-redundant power and cooling systems. The data center allows for fast design and installation for companies needing mobile backup systems for disaster recovery, temporary expansion transition, or mobile nerve centers for communications at special events.

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