MOSFET Gate Driver Boasts Input Voltage Range To 80 V

MOSFET Gate Driver Boasts Input Voltage Range To 80 V

Linear Technology’s LTC4440A-5 high-side, high-frequency N-channel MOSFET gate driver operates with an input voltage of up to 80 V, and continues to function with transients up to 100 V. Gate-drive voltage spans from 4 to 15 V. The device is optimized for driving logic-level MOSFETs; an undervoltage lockout circuit disables the external MOSFET when activated. An input ground-referenced logic signal, internally shifted to the high-side gate-drive supply, operates continuously at up to 95 V above ground. The LTC4440A-5’s 6 V of gate drive, with a 1.1-A peak pull-up current a 1.8-Ω pull-down impedance, suit it for driving high gate capacitance, high-current MOSFETs and multiple MOSFETs in parallel for higher-current applications. A 10-ns rise time and 7-ns fall time when driving a 1000-pF load helps minimize switching losses. Operating junction temperature ranges for the three versions of the driver are: I-grade (−40 to 125°C); H-grade (−40 to 150°C); and MP-grade (−55 to 150°C).


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