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MOSFET Protects Auto Electrical Systems

By employing an on-chip temperature sensing diode, the new TempSENSE HEXFET power MOSFET-- part IRLBD59N04E-- can provide automotive system protection. The device is a 40V, 20 milliohm, N-channel MOSFET. Temperature sensing comes from two anti-parallel, electrically isolated poly-silicon diodes. The diodes' forward voltage falls to approximately 0.4V with a bias current of 250 µA when the MOSFET reaches its maximum temperature. Additionally, back-to-back Zener diodes protect its gate-to-source path from ESD up to 2,000V. Applications include anti-lock brakes and fuel-injection systems. Pricing is $0.80 each/10,000.


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TAGS: Automotive
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