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MOSFET Switches Offer Adjustable Current Limiting

The MIC2546 and MIC2547 dual-channel, protected high-side MOSFET switches with user-adjustable current limiting feature an 80 milliohm typical on-resistance. Both devices are dual-channel, protected, power-distribution switches with user-adjustable current limiting in the range of 100 mA to 1.5A. Foldback current limiting ensures that the output current during a fault will never exceed the current limit range determined by external current-limiting resistors. Fault-flag outputs indicate current-limit and thermal-shutdown conditions. A circuit-breaker function is included in the MIC2547. The devices are available in 16-pin SOIC packages priced at $2.38 each/1,000 and 16-pin TSSOPs priced at $2.58 each/1,000.


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