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MOSFETs Excel In Load-Switching Apps

Two P-channel MOSFETS, the 20V ZXM64P03X and 30V ZXM61P03F, offer efficient performance for low-voltage load-switching applications, helping to increase battery life in portable equipment. Minimum threshold voltage is at 0.7V or 1V and on-resistance is low across the range. The ZXM64P03X has an on-resistance of 100 milliohms at a gate-source voltage of 4.5V. Gate-source charge is also low with maximum values ranging from 0.62 nC for the ZXM61P03F and up to 9 nC for the ZXM64P03X. The devices are available in SOT23, SOT 23-6 and MSOP8 packages, and a dual-die part is available in a MSOP8 package. Prices range from $0.16 up to $0.55 each/10,000 and maximum delivery time is up to eight weeks ARO.

Company: ZETEX, INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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