Electronic Design

Multi-Output Hot-Swap1U Supply Delivers 600 W

The TPS600 five-output power supply delivers 600 W at 50°C or 420 W at 70°C in a 10.5- by 6- by 1.75-in. package. Offered with a hot-swap option for use in standard card or power backplanes, it can be controlled and monitored via CompactPCI Power Interface signals. Its independently regulated outputs rate up to 140 A at 3.3 V, 120 A at 5 V, 60 A at 12 V, and 1.5 A at -12 V. The 3.3- and 5-V outputs can supply up to 70 A simultaneously. A +5-V standby output is rated for 100 mA. OEM pricing starts at $595 each.

Tracewell Power Inc.
(800) 811-1480; www.tracewellpower.com

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