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Multi-Pole Contactor Handles Up To 480V

Designed with stackable and modular poles that allows for its use in a wide range of applications, including power management and standby power equipment, the FM200 Flatman contactor has an operating voltage of 480 Vac and a maximum contact voltage of 750 Vac. The component incorporates what are said to be unique features that include the availability in 1-, 2-, 3- and 6-pole configurations with either normally-open or normally-closed contacts in any order. Continuous current carrying capability is 200 ARMS normally open and 150 ARMS normally closed. At 25°C, minimum coil resistance is 10.7 and 11.9 ohm typical and 13.1 ohm maximum.
This small, low-cost contactor measures 3.77" high and, depending on the number of poles, weighs 0.5 kg for one pole and up to 2.8 kg for a six-pole unit. Other features of the contactor include availability in three different coil voltages, an optional auxiliary contact, and optional sensing tabs. Reported as being the smallest contactor in the industry with its current rating, a three-pole unit sells for approximately $139 each/100.


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