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Electronic Design

N-Channel MOSFET Offers Smaller Die Size

The FDS6694 is the first device in the new generation of PowerTrench n-channel MOSFETs. It delivers comparable overall efficiency in dc-dc converter applications to that of leading competitive devices while achieving a substantial reduction in die size. This die-size reduction enables industry-leading cost performance.

This MOSFET features a dramatic improvement in the QG X RDS(ON). Packaged in an SO-8, it's a 30-V, fast-switching trench device. It's designed for high-side applications in synchronous and conventional dc-dc converters for notebook computers, desktop computers, and other dc-dc power-supply applications.

In 10,000-piece quantities, the FDS6694 costs $0.49 each.

Fairchild Semiconductor International
(888) 522-5372;

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