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New 8-W Single and Dual DC-DCs Feature Ultra-Low Noise

These converters accept inputs ranging up to 72 V dc and generate outputs to 15 V dc.

The 8-W FW8S and FW8D dc-dc converters, developed by Beta Dyne Inc., feature a 2:1 input range and accept 4.5 to 9 V dc, 9 to 18 V dc, or 18 to 36 V dc, as well as 36 to 72 V dc input with on/off control. They generate all standard isolated outputs from 3.3 to 15 V dc, or ±5 to ±15 V dc. Custom output voltages and input voltage ranges can be accommodated.


The ultra-low-noise converters, which maintain 2000-V dc minimum isolation, come in a 24-pin DIP, SMD RoHS-compliant package. A 1.26- × 0.8- × 0.40-in. nickel-plated copper case provides excellent thermal conductivity and six-sided shielding. Radiated emissions meet CM55022 class A. Conducted emissions meet CM55022 class A with external filter.

Standard operating temperature range is −40 to +71°C for 4.5 to 9-V dc input models. Other models have an operating temperature range of −40 to +85°C. Units are available 4 to 8 weeks ARO.

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