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New Process Yields Smaller, Higher Efficiency Power FETs

The company's seven-year-old TrenchFET process has again been tapped to produce a new family of power MOSFETs having transistor densities as high as 178 million cells/in.2, reportedly a more than a fivefold advance over existing densities. As a result, the new TrenchFETs are both smaller in size and higher in efficiency than existing devices—the power MOSFETs can be squeezed into a tiny SO-8 PowerPAK package, while their on-resistance registers a miniscule 2 milliohms. The large family of power FETs being introduced are aimed at two application areas: cell phones and notebook computers where the devices will be used in power management circuits; and desktop computers and telecomm infrastructure equipment where the FETs will be used in dc/dc converters for these end-products. In portable products, the power MOSFETs are expected to play a key role in helping designers create smaller, lighter units that can run longer on smaller batteries. Starting price for the new TrenchFETs is $0.91 each/100,000.


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