Next-Gen Low-Power DC-DCs Elevate Efficiency

Next-Gen Low-Power DC-DCs Elevate Efficiency

The second-generation PDS and PES series dc-dc converters developed by CUI push efficiency, isolation, and thermal performance levels higher than their predecessors. The unregulated modules come in 1W and 2W configurations, featuring 1.5kVdc isolation and anti-static protection up to 8kVdc. With nominal inputs of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, and 24Vdc and a range of single- and dual-output voltage configurations, the board-mountable devices offer efficiencies as high as 89% (in the 2W models).  The converters reduce power draw under light and no-load conditions, and include continuous short circuit protection. Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 105°C, thus suiting the industrial and telecom sectors. Packaging is industry-standard SIP, DIP, and SMT.  

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